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The Classic Massage

A light to medium pressure Swedish massage, using long, flowing strokes to induce deep relaxation.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

The Muscle Melter Massage

Using deeper pressure strokes, stretching and compressions to release tension in tight and overworked muscles. 

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Custom Massage with Foot Scrub

Custom massage (Classic or Muscle Melter) with optional foot scrub.

75 minutes

Warm Jade Healing Massage

A warm jade stone is used on 1-2 specific areas of concern. This a great tool for warming and loosening up muscle tension, without having to apply deep pressure to sensitive areas. Jade is a wonderful conductor of heat and instills the benefits of emotional healing, as well. It is considered a "heart healing" stone.  

60 minutes

Warm Stone Massage

Let the warmth of basalt stones melt away tension from tired muscles and help you drift into deeper relaxation.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Dreamscape Massage

This blissful massage will transport you to another planet. Starting with a scalp massage and moving into the neck, shoulders, back, and feet using peppermint and lavender essential oils. This is a wonderful treatment for chronic headaches, jaw and neck tension, and insomnia.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Mommy-to-Be Massage

Offered in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy, this is a Swedish massage done in sideline position and ends with a complimentary foot scrub. Mommy-to-Be/pre-natal massages are only offered for 60-minute intervals. Expectant mothers must be past the 1st trimester and provide a physician’s written approval.​

60 minutes

Couples Massage

Share the experience of receiving a side-by-side massage with someone special.

60 minutes | 90 minutes

Divine Deluxe Couples Massage Treatment

This is a 75-minute massage with 20 minutes afterward to enjoy the relaxation area. To close your session, enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne and chocolates.

95 minutes total

The Quick Fix Massage

A 30-minute massage focused directly on the areas of need.

30 minutes 

Scalp Massage

A neck and scalp massage with essential oils to calm muscle tension around the head. This is great for someone that suffers from chronic headaches.

15 minutes | 30 minutes

Crystalline Therapy Add-On (Post-Massage)

After your massage, crystals are placed on and around you, realigning your energetic body. This is a 20-30-minute energy treatment, intended to lift and raise your current vibration. The use and placement of different crystals will be used depending on the intention, such as heart healing, grounding, and relaxation.

20-30 minutes

Reiki Treatment

This is an energy work treatment used for stress reduction, relaxation, and to promote emotional and physical healing. This is not a massage, but is administered through the "laying of the hands" to certain areas of the body. The practitioner is a conductor for "life force energy" to flow through to the client. For the added benefit of balancing and moving energy through the body’s chakra centers, crystals are used and placed.

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